A Small World Cup

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A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a fascinating mini-football game from Rujo Games. It is designed for two players. Score as many goals as you can and become the champion.

A short introduction to A Small World Cup:

Did you forget World Cup 98? No, hehe, now A Small World Cup will remind you of some of those wonderful memories.

You push people in rag doll mode continuously, regardless of success or failure, while your opponent does the same thing. However, the number of times you succeed versus your opponent is what determines your victory.

Gameplay of A Small World Cup:

You know when you bump into something that’s so simple, so easy to do, and so new that you get excited again? That’s the feeling A Small World Cup brings.

There is only one rag doll in your squad, which you must hit to score. Rujo Games created this miniature World Cup game. In this game, the popular title ‘Mutilate a Doll’ meets football, resulting in some hilarious situations.

During the World Cup, there is a 1 v 1 format for 30 seconds that is completely chaotic. You will need to control your rag-roll character to impact the ball accurately while it is in motion. By any rule. This is why this game is so popular. It keeps playing until the end.

Tips from A Small World Cup:

Select between training and participating in the World Cup. Choose the difficulty, form a team, and complete the tournament. Watch out for the Golden Goal mode. A single goal is enough to win this tournament and advance to the next round. However, keep in mind that your opponent only has to score one goal exactly like that to advance. Control your character to hit the ball into the net to advance to the final. Can you win a mini-world cup?

In A Small World Cup, you push the other team with rag dolls. Pick your favorite country. Your team consists of only one ragdoll that you have to smash against the ball in order to score a goal. This game was created by Rujo Games. It’s a continuous game where you do this and your opponent does the same thing, and you score the most goals! 

Play for the World Cup, or practice. Choose your difficulty level, pick your team, and play through the tournament. Make sure to take note of the Golden Goal mode. In this mode, all you need is one goal which is sufficient to win and continue through the tournament stages. But you must also be careful, as your opponent only needs one goal as well to win. So start slamming your character against your ball and your opponent, score goals and you’ll reach the finals.

It takes a lot of effort to ping your rag doll player across the screen with any accuracy. There’s a lot of beauty in that. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

-Head-butting the opponent’s crossbar at bullet train speed, you completely miss the ball.

-Despite your best efforts, you miss the ball completely, intercept the opponent’s hapless journey through the air, and both players land in a tangle of limbs on top of the goal.

-Having missed the ball completely, you slide along the grass doing the splits, then screech to a halt right in front of the opposing player (while doing the splits).

-With such tremendous force, you hit the ball against the crossbar and it bounces neatly into your own goal.

-Having hit the ball exactly the same way and trajectory as the other player, you land together in a tangle of limbs on top of the ball that has barely moved.

-As your opponent is collapsed on top of you to begin with, your opponent is propelled through the air against their will to score an own goal that is sensational.