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Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games is an online game that has recently gained popularity among gamers and non-gamers alike. The game is a fun and interactive way to test your knowledge of Google Doodles, the creative and often educational logos that Google displays on its homepage to commemorate holidays, events, and notable people. The game also has variants called Google Doodle Champion Island.

Google Champion Island was an interactive browser game created by Google to celebrate the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The game was launched on July 23, 2021, coinciding with the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics. It was accessible as a Google Doodle, replacing the standard Google logo on the search engine’s homepage during the Olympics.

The game is set in a fictional 16-bit-styled world that features various sports challenges and mini-games inspired by different Olympic events. Players take on the role of Lucky the Calico, a character who competes against a range of mythical creatures representing different sports disciplines.

As players explore the island, they encounter five different sports districts, each representing a different sport. These districts include:

1. The City of Hurdles: Representing athletics and track events.
2. The Town of Hurdles: Representing table tennis.
3. The Kingdom of Diving: Representing artistic swimming (formerly known as synchronized swimming) and diving.
4. The Village of Shooting: Representing archery and shooting events.
5. The Valley of Trials: Representing skateboarding.

In each district, players can participate in various mini-games and challenges to earn points and defeat the mythical champions. The games range from side-scrolling platformers to rhythm-based challenges and more, all inspired by the respective sports.

Throughout the game, players can also find and collect hidden relics that offer additional details about the world and its mythical characters. The game’s graphics, music, and design pay homage to retro video games, adding a nostalgic touch to the experience.

Doodle Champion Island Games was well-received by players worldwide for its fun and engaging gameplay, nostalgic design, and celebration of the Olympic spirit. It remained playable on Google’s homepage during the duration of the Tokyo Olympics and was accessible even after the games were concluded.